Should Both Parents Have Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an important investment which can protect your family in case the worst scenario happens. If you are the only provider of your family, having life coverage is essential. Finding affordable life insurance is easier now than ever as you have many options to choose from. But should, both parents have a life insurance policy? How much coverage is needed to make sure that your children will enjoy a comfortable and care-free future?

buying-life-insurance-300x124Life insurance is a simple contract. By paying premiums, an agency will guarantee a death benefit which will be paid to your beneficiaries after you die. You, as the insured, have the right to choose your own beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can be persons, organizations and even churches.

Of course, if you have a family, you should choose your wife or children as direct beneficiaries of your policies payments. If, the worst happens and you lose your life, the agency will make a payout to your family.

Your family will use the money to pay for your funeral taxes, mortgage loans, debt, college education and daily expenses. Without life coverage, your family can be left with little or no financial possibilities.

It is important that both spouses have life coverage. Since many American families depend on two salaries, your death can leave your family in great financial difficulties. Many consider that stay at home mothers should not get life insurance. That only the working spouse should have coverage. This is not true, and it is dangerous to thing as such.

A stay at home mother plays an important role in your family, both emotionally and financially. A stay-at home mother provides services which otherwise will cost thousands of dollars. Her death can leave the employed husband in great financial difficulties as he will have to manage paying for nursing and cleaning services.

In conclusion, it is necessary that both spouses have affordable life insurance in order to ensure the best financial protection for their family.

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