How to Qualify for No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

No medical exam life insurance allows seniors citizens and sick people to get coverage. However, there are several limitations and exceptions and not all individuals are eligible for no exam policies. Each company has its own guideline and set of criterions and they are free to apply them for each applicant.

Should-senior-people-buy-a-final-expense-life-insuranceIn general, there are the same limitations and we would explain them more in this article. So, when you decide to purchase no exam life insurance, check the terms and conditions and contact an insurance representative.

Age is a relevant criterion of selection for any policy, not just for no exam life insurance.  But, if you are over 50 years old, the chances of being insured by regular policies are getting close to zero. No exam policies allow you to purchase life insurance even if you are over this age.

The age limit for no exam policies is usually around 80-90 years old, depending on the company and policy type. For some policies, the premiums will increase with age, for others, the premiums will be locked at the same value.  Health is probably the most important criterion.  No exam policies are considered the last chances of getting coverage by sick people. This is true, but there are several exclusions.

You can have diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and some other similar problems, but you must not be declared terminally ill, with less than a year to leave. Also, cancer patients will be rejected. Cancer survivors however, are accepted as clients. Smokers are also accepted, but their habit will make the premiums more expensive.

But it all comes down to your budget and how much you are able to spend in order to keep the policy in force.  We all know that no exam policies are more expensive than the standard ones.  So, we recommend you to check the prices and compare them.

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