Life Insurance Without Medical Exam – 3 Important Advantages!

No medical exam life insurance policies are stirring many debates in the media and on the financial market. Many people contest it, but we can present you 3 important advantages of life insurance without medical exam.

Insurance21)      Higher tolerance towards senior citizens. Ironically we begin to realize the importance of life insurance policies when they become harder to obtain. Many seniors have just understood that having a life insurance will help the family pay the funeral costs and will prevent an imminent financial collapse.

No exam policies are tailored to match with the needs of all seniors. Being old is no longer an excuse for denying a person from getting life insurance. Seniors should also be aware that even no exam policies have an age limit and they should hurry. It is a once in a lifetime chance.

2)      Higher tolerance towards sick individuals. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, the chances of getting life insurance are almost zero.  Health is seen as one of the most important criterions of selection for all insurers. Even no exam life insurance companies select people by their health status.

But people with medical problems can qualify easier for this type of policy, unless they are terminally ill. Depending on the severity of the disease, the individual will be included in guaranteed life insurance plans or simplified issue plans.  The amounts of coverage and limitations vary a lot.

3)      It is processed really fast. Since you no longer have to undergo numerous medical tests, the underwriting process will be much faster. You will have to complete a short form, answer to several medical questions and wait for the company to decide if you are eligible or not. In a matter of hours, the company will call you back and announce you if you were accepted or not.

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