How to Give Up Smoking!

If you had it with cigarettes and tobacco products, it’s time to quit, for real this time! It is estimated that only between 4-7% smokers successfully give up cigarettes from the first try. Quitting smoking for at least a significant period (at least several months) is still essential for your health and it is a step forward for giving up the habit forever. If you do not succeed from your first time, don’t be discouraged!

quit_smoking_mdrmbNicotine is one of the most addictive substances as it triggers the dopamine release in your brain, based on a reward cycle, which cause serious addiction. This is why some of the common nicotine withdrawal symptoms include depression anxiety and headaches. Besides physical addiction, nicotine causes psychological dependency as many smokers feel they need cigarettes to concentrate better and be more productive.

There are many methods you can use to give up smoking: some involve the use of some pharmaceutical products and others are much simpler like the “cold turkey” method. There isn’t a right way to giving up smoking and if something helps you deal with your nicotine addiction, go for it! Just remember that the main point is to stop smoking!

But first, you must really ask yourself if you truly want to give up. If you are not 100% that you want cigarettes out of your life, no matter what advantages smoking cessation brings, it will not convince you! You have to convince yourself, because getting rid of an addiction requires your force of will more than anything!

Your family and friends can support you, so it is also better to tell them that you want to quit. Telling your friends will also create peer pressure and you will be more likely to quit smoking just so that you won’t feel embarrassed because you let you and your loved ones down.  Also, pharmaceutical products can help as well as keeping a journal.

If you do not want to quit cold turkey, try to smoke half of the cigarettes you usually did in a time period and keep it that way for a period, until your body adapts to the new quantity of nicotine. When you feel comfortable smoking fewer cigarettes, it is time to cut the numbers again. Keep repeating the process until you give up completely!

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