How to get rid of the stress factors

Everybody goes through all kinds of problems and shortcomings, but not all of us are reacting in the same way or in an appropriate manner. For some the trials and tribulations of life are obstacles from which they cannot get out, while for others they are motivation to face the fact and to move forward.   Some people see in front of their eyes only the problems they are going through, while others see the full picture knowing that in the life scenery not only drawbacks are drawn but also fulfillments.  So, in regard to the aforementioned it is vital to see the whole picture, the good and the bad and so on and so forth.

Some of the factors that are causing stress are various ranging  from the physical (cold, heat, noise, pollution) to the social factors such as congestion, excess information, violence, poor economic conditions), family factors (lack of communication and understanding, conflicts) and professional factors such as inadequate working conditions, professional dissatisfaction, tasks overload or great responsibilities. Also, the life events we go through, good or bad, are important factors of stress. Even our personality, our way of being is a stress factor. People who have certain psycho-behavioral traits such as perfectionism, increased sensitivity, hyper-excitability, low adaptability, low tolerance to frustration, irritability, indecision, tendency towards pessimism and depression are much more vulnerable to stress. It is very important to act because stress in severe conditions might lead to accidents or even death by suicide.

Some of the most appropriate and effective strategies to prevent stress factors are: discussing the problems with others and ask for help. If one wants to get rid of stress he must have a positive way of thinking, to cultivate positive emotions and feelings towards us and to others. One must appeal to humor, use relaxation procedures, give and receive affection, to reserve everyday a moment of silence. Moreover, one must cultivate personal practices that maintain health such as a balanced diet rich in vitamins, physical exercises, 7-8 hours of sleep per night, avoid excesses of any kind and “white nights”.

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