Advice for educating your toddler

A child begins his or her normal development from an early age. Although there it may seem that you don’t have many to teach a toddler, the truth is that at this age, a child develops his or her basic skills. Aiding your child on the path of knowledge from an early age will facilitate a stronger child-parent bond and it will ensure a normal development for your child.

happy mother and todlerBefore you begin teaching your toddler, it is important to know how to grab its attention. At this age, children have a hard time concentrating on one thing, as they are eager to discover the world around them. Making eye contact with your child is very important. When you successfully establish eye contact, you become the center of attention. Maintain this position by talking to your child and by asking simple questions.

Toys are an essential element of the learning process. Building blocks, a Simon toy, colored pencils, clay and coloring books are a fun way to teach your child the colors, numbers, the concepts of size and space.

The building blocks can be used to teach your child the colors. The best way to do this is to make associations. For example: red as an apple, yellow as the sun, blue as the sky etc. You can then show a block and ask him or her which color is it.

Pencils and colored books can be used to teach your toddler the concept of size and shape. Coloring books establish boundaries where your child can draw and this is important because it helps your kid develop the concept of shape.

Remember to encourage drawing and other creative activities! Creative activities are known for expanding the mind. A small musical instrument is also recommended. Just remember not to be too pushy. If you buy your child a musical instrument, give him or her freedom to explore it alone. If your child is musical gifted he or she will express the will to learn music.

Playing Simon Says can help improve your toddler’s memory. A Simon toys is entertaining and very useful. Memory can also be improved by revising with your child the newly acquired information. For example, after reading a story ask about the plot and put simple questions.

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