5 Life Insurance Myths

Busting life insurance myths is the first step towards a clear picture of the importance and necessity of this product. There are many “myths” about life insurance which continually misguide people. The worst part is that these myths scare away people from life insurance and many do not even bother to search for free life insurance quotes. This can seriously affect the security of their loved ones!

life insurance mythsIn this blog post, we will bust five of the most common life insurance myths!

1.       You do not need it

This is the biggest and most dangerous myth. People think that life insurance is useless. Most of them say so because it does not provide any benefits for the insured. This is true: life insurance will not give you any money as the benefit is received by the beneficiaries, after you die. However, the point of having life insurance is to financially protect your loved ones, in case you die and they do not have any material support! Life insurance is a necessary investment and it should not be ignored!

2.       It is too expensive

By comparing some free life insurance quotes, you can clearly see that life insurance prices are affordable and low. A healthy 30 years old man can get term life insurance for as little as 15$ a month!

3.       I have enough coverage through my employer

Many companies offer life insurance as a part of an employee’s benefit package. However, the coverage you get through your employer is usually very small and it will be barely enough to cover funeral taxes.

4.       Only breadwinners need life insurance coverage

This belief is due to the assumption that only the employed spouse plays a financial role n the family. However, this is not true, as the stay-at-home parents provides essential services for the family which have a high financial value.

5.       You should invest, rather than buy life insurance

This is a myth as the returned investment cannot be as high as life coverage. High sums must be invested in order to get a fast profit and with investment, there is always the risk of losing money. Life insurance is safe, and financial safety is what your family needs!

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